Celebrate in style

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With this set you will give care – because it will guarantee softness of the body, hands and lips! Inside there are two brand new blackcurrant line products and two time-tested must have-winter products.




New! Let life surprise you! in the mornings when you need a little softness – this creamy shower gel will gently wash and moisturise your skin.


New! “Bubbles, laughter and dancing”double power: this product not only helps to gently remove dead skin cells, but also effectively nourishes the skin. It also has an amazing blackcurrant aroma.


“Less stress!” – this thicker consistency nourishing hand cream contains an irreplaceable skin care ingredient - sea buckthorn oil.


“Small miracles” – this Christmas-scented natural lip balm will ensure the softness of lips and light up your festive mood.


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